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Small Business Online Marketing Strategies

Learn powerful online marketing strategies for your small business that will give you the competitive edge. What tools and techniques can be easily implemented? How to use Facebook and Twitter to generate leads? Learn all this and more.

What Not to Do When Marketing Underground Beats

It’s the time when I’m going to tell you a bit about marketing your music and underground beats. Specifically what NOT to do and why.

Learn How To Syndicate and Repurpose Content to Draw Traffic and Attention

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders understand the importance of having a strong online presence. Drawing traffic to your website or blog is a great way to create exposure and bolster your public image. Attracting the attention of individuals surfing the Internet is easier than ever before. One of the best ways to employ social media in your marketing ventures is to syndicate and re-purpose your existing content. Re-purposing it can be as simple as putting it into a new format or medium. The next step in your social media marketing campaign is to effectively distribute your content.

Can Automated Software Build Profitable Websites?

As a hard coder I have had to come to terms with the fact that one day I will become obsolete. How and when this happens I hope is still some years away but the writing on the wall is visible by the distant rise of the automated software on the horizon. For the past 20 years companies have been trying to develop these programs to imitate coders.

Facebook Optimisation for Small Business

Having a presence on social media for small business is now essential. Learn how your small business can use powerful Facebook optimisation strategies to generate leads which turn to sales.

Ex-Cons + Internet Marketing = REDEMPTION!

Imagine this: Today is the big day for your job interview. You’ve done everything remotely possible to prepare for this day. You’ve read interview manuals, role played with your significant other; you even consulted a friend, who works at the gig, and got the inside scoop on ‘must knows’. You have on a sharp suit and tie, (or dress) and groomed to perfection. The time is now, and you’re ready for it. You arrive 15 minutes early with a copy of your resume in hand and confidence in check; praying to a Higher-Power that you land this much-needed job. Starting off at $18.50 an hour, failure is not an option. Minutes into the interview, you and the interviewer are hitting it off. He’s impressed with both your resume and appearance. You answer every question favorably and without pause, and maintain eye contact the whole way through. The interview is nearing its end. From the looks of it, you got this in the bag. Suddenly, your history rear its ugly head. You are an ex-con with a felony on your adult record, and haven’t been able to shake that dark cloud ever since. Quickly, your interview goes down hill.

Internet Marketing Taking Center Stage for Online Businesses

You cannot deny that internet has become part of many people’s lives and more and more people are using it from gathering information while others consider it as an online requirement so it make sense for business to use it as a marketing tool. The modern technology has definitely made changes in the way business owners promote their companies and products today. Setting up an online business website is not a hard task.

How WordPress Can Benefit Your SEO

WordPress is considered as the most robust and tremendously versatile tool for SEO. It is usually used for creating basic blog sites and most often used to drive ecommerce business. The best part of WordPress that draws most of the SEO professionals is its ability to design both types of websites and make them SEO friendly without any extra support.

Make Money With Internet Affiliate Marketing

The websites which assist you to make money with affiliate marketing are almost countless. Before you can make money, you will need to understand how affiliate marketing works and exactly how to pick which company gives you the very best opportunity of making a decent cash flow.

What (or Who) Is The Secret Ingredient in Your Coaching Business?

But wait, there is a way you can find extra time for yourself. Having a virtual assistant (or two) on your team can help you free up your time in so many ways. When you first start thinking about having an assistant, you wonder what you would have them help you with. Your business is such a big part of yourself that you can’t imagine letting things go.

Internet Marketing, The Latest Tool That Ensures Success

Internet Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds especially in the last year. It is the manifestation of advertising only much sleeker, faster and attractive. This is the reason that Internet marketing is the new norm as a marketing strategy.

Making More Money In Your Internet Business Without Spending A Dime

There are many ways to improve the profitability of your website, and if you can stick to a proven marketing plan that is known to work, you can definitely improve the chances of you earning more money in your business. This is something that you will want to work on if you want to achieve the financial freedom that you’re looking for in your business. Today I want to share with you some ways that you can earn more money in your business without spending a dime more on advertising.

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