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How to Interpret Hits and Pages When Measuring Web Site Traffic

Your online marketing campaign is in full swing. How will you understand if it is working? You look at your logs of traffic to your web site and find an avalanche of information. Help! In this article, CPCS’ Mark Anthony Germanos explains how to interpret Hits and Pages when viewing your web site traffic logs.

A Fast And Easy Way To Get Started Making Money Online: Selling Online Marketing Support Services

Would you like to make money online, but don’t know where to start? Creating a product can feel mighty intimidating. Even affiliate marketing turns out to be more challenging than it looks at first sight. Here’s a way to get started much faster and more easily than with either of the above: Selling your services.

Targeted Traffic To Make A Sound Business Future

Internet marketing has now become the new method or strategy for business to expand. There are also available marketing training for your business to help you reach your target.

Internet Marketing Training: What Is Internet Marketing Training for Small Business?

Small businesses dramatically boost their on-line presence and effectively increase their profits when they utilize internet marketing training. It’s not a secret that most small to medium sized corporations are making their products more accessible to their target market by using the internet.

Multi Millionaire Helps Ordinary People to Become a Millionaire

“Help me become a millionaire” received the highest number of searches in Google for the past 2 years in a row. It only shows that people are becoming more comfortable getting valuable information on the internet on how to become a millionaire especially from multi-millionaires who help ordinary people.

How Using Visual Content Can Breathe New Life Into Your Online Marketing Strategy

There is something highly engaging about visual content – as anyone who works in the online marketing industry will tell you, it is highly effective in grabbing an audience’s attention and drawing them in. How much visual content have you been including in your marketing strategies lately, however? For something that is easy to consume, shareable and easy to create, many marketers are forgetting to use visual content in their strategies on a regular basis.

What Are Your Options for Binding Books and Other Materials?

Just as you have many choices for printers, paper, and folding, you’ll find lots of options for binding your projects. Each binding method has a specific benefit, whether it’s low cost, durability, or the ability to lie flat when open. Be sure to ask your printer for advice on choosing the appropriate binding for your project. Here are some of the most common binding methods and applications for each of them.

Thumbs Up for Facebook Advertising?

Where to put your marketing dollars can sometimes be a challenge for small business owners. Social media continues to be a channel many decision makers question if the expense in time and money will generate a profitable return. Facebook’s contentious IPO raised serious debate among analysts over the true value of the social media website to the advertisers that make up its main source of revenue.

How to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Though other search engines do exist, Google Sites still led the explicit core search market in May with 66.7 percent of search queries conducted according to comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world in their May 2012 U.S. Search Engine Rankings report. Google has consistently dominated the list which is why most businesses optimize their website for Google rankings.

The Benefits of Mobile Websites

  Mobile communication attracts millions of users across the world and continues to develop at a rapid pace. So what is the secret to this success? The answer is simple – affordable, straightforward and convenient usage.

Best Mobile Website Marketing Tips

Mobile communication has developed from traditional texting and calling. Marketing through mobile and other handheld devices is now a significantly lucrative prospect. The emerging era of IT is the perfect time to market your website and online ventures through mobile internet.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Following considerable research and analysis, I am now convinced that mobile marketing is not only the latest fad but becoming the ultimate marketing concept in the 21st century. Why? If you are employed in a company or working for a brand then you will be pretty aware of the following: 1: A humongous portion of traffic and conversion of your website originates via the use of tablets and smartphones.

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