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Overcome Obstacles and Gain Financial Freedom With Internet Business

You might have heard of the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is very true when we are talking about financial goals which you need to have in life. Many of us grow up without thinking much about setting financial goals. Some of us may have some ideas about financial planning, but we vaguely know how to go about setting goals and working towards them. According to Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, a person is said to gain financially freedom when his/her residual income exceeds expenses. Residual income (also called passive, or recurring income) is income that continues to be generated after the initial sale or effort. The money you earn from the copyright of a book written by you or a song recorded, a gadget invented, rent receivable through lease are examples of residual income.

What You Need To Do To Recover From Google Penguin

Has your traffic gone done as a result of the Google Penguin algorithm update? If so, here are a few actions you can take to recover your website.

What Is the Best Online Business to Start?

Perhaps you came across this article because you are interested in starting your own internet marketing business or perhaps you’re just curious. Regardless of why you’re here, I’m hoping to help you get clarity about which direction, if any, you should take to build a profitable internet business.

5 Tips For Using Photographs And Images Effectively In Your Online Business

More and more blog owners and webmasters are adding images to their content, but there are important points to remember if these are going to give you the maximum benefit. This article examines 5 of the most important factors to consider when you choose to upload images to your website.

Getting Started Online – The 3 Things You Must Have To Start Your Internet Marketing Business

Are you ready to start your business on the Internet? Read on to learn more about the three things you need to get started today on your way to a lucrative online business.

White Hat SEO: A Strategy for Long-Term Success in the Automotive Industry

With automotive businesses highly relying on their websites – i.e. virtual showrooms – to generate sales, they are in need of online marketing strategies that will not only build traffic and generate sales, but will also establish their business in the online market. Thus ensuring long-term success.

What’s The True Value Of Social Media When Targeting B2B Leads?

Despite all the heat that’s firing upon Facebook, some groups are starting to take stand in its defense. The said defense however can apply to not just Facebook but social media as a whole. However, grasping that value means that you acknowledge not just its strengths but also its flaws.

What Do Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford and Donald Trump Have in Common That Made Them Billionaires?

None of them invented the product that made them billions. Millions of people invent useful products every year but they rarely make any money from their inventions. More often than not, there is someone else working on the same invention and they end up fighting over who came up with the idea first.

Retired Financial Professionals: Solving Today’s Financial Crisis Needs YOUR Help!

You are probably loving your retirement but wouldn’t a little extra income come in handy for trips to visit grandchildren or to travel overseas to places you have always wanted to go? Without being too dramatic, when you reach families over the internet and help them beat the inflation and debt beasts you will being your part to “bail out” our economy; and you will make money in the process.

Internet Marketing Tips – Staying Focused So That You Can Build A Lucrative Online Business Now

Do you need help staying focused on your goal of having a profitable online business? Read on to learn how to achieve your dream of working online and enjoying the Internet marketing lifestyle.

How To Make The Most Of Your Website – Indulge Your Visitors

Give your visitors want they want (and more!) and they will reward you in more than one way – they could make a purchase or refer you to a friend. Think long-term business strategy and always over deliver on value and service.

Should You Be Talking to Cold Leads? What Do You Think?

Should you be dialing cold leads? Some say that you should. Others say that you shouldn’t and that it’s just a waste of time. What do you think about the matter? Is dialing colds leads just a waste of time?

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